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One Man's Sense Is Another Man's Nonsense

In The Land Of The Idiots, The Man With Half A Brain Is King

A glass and a half of full cream dairy chuckle.
21 July 1979
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Doovies (say d-ooo-veeez) noun

1. A World Dominatrix and part-time cuckold who finds it amusing to tell people disgusting stories, that they don't wish to know, about things he does.

Example: 'Today in the shop I did a poo while the shop was still open and someone came in so I pulled up my pants without wiping my arse.'

2. A drunken Australian boor who finds pleasure in scatology, coprophilia and sexual deviance. Usually used with affection.

You'd have to be a Doovies to fully appreciate the video with the Japanese girls, turkey baster and pot of vomit.

(second definition provide by Arafat Kazi aka Futhman.)

There is some friends only material on here but if you want me on your list then I'll add you back in most cases, and then...oh yes...THEN you get to READ IT ALL. Excited? No. Good. Your apathy is only surpassed by your complete and utter disinterest in everything.

Counter c/o THE FAUVES


But what do the associated press think of Doovies, I hear you not ask?

"...another inexplicably triumphant post, another kick in the salted groin of dr. madness and his goonish goon squad..."

- Thin White Duke, The Glory Hole Times.

"You're an uber cool hip happenin d00d. Of course I would acknowledge that publicly."

- Booboo Kittyfuck, Movie Poopshoot.com

"You're always whining about how nobody reads this, yet every day, you end up with 463+ comments with people who feel sorry for you and make out like they love your more than they love the vaginal juices that pour out from between Roseanne Barr's legs."

- Kylie J, Gussin Frankly Digest

"Really sir, what's wrong with you? Don't you know there could be young CHILDREN reading your journal? For shame! "

- Bubbles McCoy, Career Dwarf Monthly

"...before you start smearing your shit all over walls and selling it as art, will you warn me so I can slit my wrists and write my ode to you in my blood?"

- Freakyme, Succubus-for-hire

"You do perverse things to the English language to make it quiver, blush, and faint. And for this, I'm tremendously impressed."

- raygunn, a universal imperative.

"Your unconscious mind is a Bukkake Joke Generator."

- Dr Smax, Ethereal matrix of vibrations from the UltraVoid.

doovies i'm sure you know that the admiration is more than mutual. not only do i love you and would suckle your children if you want me to (it only takes 2 years of practice and PRESTO! MALE LACTATION) but i have felt lust for your e-girlfriend and IRL girlfriends and so much have i fapped to that chick whose pictures you used to post that i feel like the carbon-based slime of our smegma has rotted into fecund births of brown-and-white monsters by this time and are indigenously populating small polynesian islands.

- Futhman, Yr pal Arafat Kazi.


These days people are defined by their interests, now nobody's interested in the definition.
Defined by their purchases but no-one's buyin' it.
I've become an individual so I can join the masses.
You're unique just like everyone else
Manhattan Clam Chowder.


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